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Advantages of owning a High Risk Merchant Account

Many legitimate e-commerce businesses are labeled as high risk by acquiring banks and credit card processors. It is an industry term to mean your business is a risky investment when providing merchant accounts. Although the risk level system is designed to weed out illegitimate businesses looking for online processing solutions, it sometimes negatively affects real, hard-working merchants in need of a merchant account. This is where ECS-World's high risk merchant accounts come in.

High Risk Business Types

A merchant's risk level is usually determined by a number of factors, including cash flow, processing history, and country of incorporation. However, industry types are often the largest factor taken into consideration when it comes to risk level. Some good examples of legitimate high risk industries are:

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Online Pharmaceuticals
  • Internet Gambling or Gaming
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Online Dating Services
  • Travel
  • Tobacco
  • Nutraceuticals

These industries are considered high risk because of legal age restrictions, large ticket prices, and more. However, it is still possible for the above high risk industries—as well as other business types not listed—to find great payment processing solutions.

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Benefits of High Risk Merchant Accounts

At ECS-World, our high risk merchant accounts come with a variety of great benefits that will allow you to properly run your online business and watch your sales skyrocket. To get an idea of what benefits you could have with your high risk merchant account, see the list below.

  • Generous Monthly Volume Caps
  • Chargeback Prevention Tips
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Acceptance of Popular Credit Card Brands
  • Recurring Billing Options
  • Industry-Low Rates
  • Multi-Currency Processing
  • SSL-Encrypted Services

Completely Custom Solutions

ECS-World boasts a wide range of offshore acquiring bank partners who are eager to work with high risk merchants from all over the world. This allows us to provide customizable high risk merchant accounts that will work for your business. Once your free merchant account application is complete, your business details will be matched with an acquiring bank ready to provide a merchant account for you. After approval, you could start accepting online credit card payments in as little as 1-2 business days.

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