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Solutions with Direct Debit Processing

Direct debit processing offers a convenient and easy way for you to make regular transactions and for accepting direct debit payments. It is a time saving and simple solution providing you a greater control over your finances.

In the past few years the use of direct debit has grown tenfold. Over a hundred thousand companies and organizations use direct debit processing as a means for collecting various bills and payments etc. and almost 40 million people are now using direct debit for processing in UK alone. People prefer direct debit worldwide for its several advantages.

Direct Debit Processing Benefits

Direct debit is best for ordering a product by mail or through the internet. It is also a favorable mode to pay an invoiced amount and for online subscriptions. The various benefits of direct debit processing offers you:

  • Money back guarantee in case the bank makes an error or cancels the transaction
  • Get notified for any changes made in the data or the amount to be deducted
  • Some companies also offer discount on direct debit processing
  • Direct debit processing allows you to stretch the payment over a longer and agreed period of time
  • Get a single common interface for submitting direct debit with a full multi-currency processing
  • Direct debit allows customers to process in real-time
  • Merchants no longer require bank accounts in every country to process
  • Simple and safe infrastructure makes it easy for merchants to operate

Direct Debit – How it works?

Processed in almost the sasme way as a credit card, for direct debit processing, the information is collected from the customer by phone, fax or the internet and submitted to the bank or payment processor where it is processed on your behalf. Some countries however may require necessary permission with an invoice or order form for direct debit processing. Direct debit processing has now become the preferred choice of payment for customers and merchants not just in Europe but all over the world.

Worldwide Direct Debit Processing with Ecs-World

At Ecs-World we offer cost effective and timely solutions for our direct debit customers whether they are small business and low risk merchants or major business organizations. Many merchants now prefer direct debit processing to credit cards and cheques. Direct debit processing has now gained popularity as the best mode for payment around the globe. Countries like UK, US, Canada, Australia, Israel, Germany, Spain, Panama, Netherlands, Costa Rica and most EU countries prefer using direct debit as a payment option.

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