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Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the easiest way for a merchant account and e-businesses to collect payments from their customer. Our merchant account package come complete with a direct debit facility, making payment processing an easy venture.

Benefits of Direct Debit

There are various benefits of using a direct debit.

  • Direct debit reduces time taken to collect payment
  • It saves the cost of debt collections
  • Reduces bank charges as there is only one credit to your bank account per collection
  • Targets additional markets with a low credit card penetration
  • No MSC charges as with debit card transactions
  • It allows for fixed and variable amounts to be collected on variable dates
  • With direct debit you have a complete control over who, what and when client collections are made
  • Direct debit allows a more predictable cash flow
  • Places cleared funds directly into a merchant’s bank account
  • Builds a loyal customer base
  • Guarantees excellent liquidity planning
  • Direct debit has lowers fraud rates in comparison to other payment methods
  • Most common mode of payment method for mail-order/telephone order or recurrent transactions
  • Since everyone has a bank account, they can pay with Direct Debit
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