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E-Cigarettes Not Covered in the 2006 U.K. Health Act

Jun 5, 2014
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It is unlawful for anyone to smoke cigarettes virtually anywhere indoors in the United Kingdom. But should the restriction be applied to e-cigarette users? U.K. governmental leaders are banning the use of e-cigarettes in public places, vehicles and offices, citing the 2006 UK Health Act which prohibits smoking in public places.


The legislation says nothing about the usage of e-cigarettes, which triggers a number of issues:

  • Should e-cigarette users, often called “vapers” in the UK, be allowed to smoke indoors, in public places and even the office since they are not emitting smoke?
  • And since e-cigarettes do not emit smoke, should users be given their own “vaping” section outdoors so that they are not grouped with traditional smokers?

E-cigarette users have a legitimate defense, since the 2006 UK Health Act includes nothing about e-cigarettes.

What does the 2006 UK Health Act Entail?

The 2006 UK Health Act bans the smoking of hand-rolled cigarettes, pipes and cigars in public places, including the workplace. There is no reference to e-cigarettes since the electronic devices broke into the mainstream over the last three years. E-cigarette opponents and users are left wondering if UK lawmakers will revisit the 2006 UK Health Act. In the meantime, local lawmakers and privately-run businesses are enacting their own rules and guidelines.

The Scotsman reported recently that UK insurance giant Standard Life barred the use of e-cigarettes at the desks of its 5,500 employees. Efforts by local lawmakers in several English cities are underway to ban e-cigarette use.

Are E-Cigarettes Getting a Bad Rap in the UK?

E-cigarettes are getting a bad rap everywhere because of the association with traditional smoking. It has been well documented that the long term effects from e-cigarettes remain unknown, but there are thousands of former smokers who have used e-cigarettes as a method to quit traditional ones.

An Observer’s Take on E-Cigarette Usage

While attending the Transact 14 conference in Las Vegas Apr. 8-10, I spent quite a fair amount of time at our stand engaging potential media partners and folks representing trade publications. At the stand across from Instabill, no more than 20 feet away, a representative of a company was a frequent e-cigarette user, as many as two or three per hour. I observed him for quite a while and purposely walked by their stand several times to see if I could smell the vapor (I could not). Had he been smoking a traditional cigarette, it would’ve been seconds before the smoke made its way over to our stand and throughout the exhibit hall.

E-Cigarette Craze Continues

The e-cigarette industry continues to surge not only in the UK, but worldwide. E-cigarette merchant accounts at Instabill have been among the highest in demand. Credit card processing with Instabill means no volume restrictions, fast approvals and first-rate customer support throughout the life of the merchant account. Speak one-on-one with a merchant account representative about an e-cigarette merchant account today by clicking the chat option below or calling 1-800-318-2713.

About the Author

Chris O’Donnell is the Senior Copywriter at Instabill. Chris is a devout Barclays Premiership fan and connoisseur of rock and roll music. He joined the Instabill team as its senior copywriter in December of 2013. He can be reached at 603-436-1270 or at chris@instabill.com.

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