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India E-Commerce Surging as Internet Users Grow

Aug 19, 2014
Posted by: Marketing
Category: General
With internet access spreading throughout the vast country, India e-commerce is starting to thrive and its potential is unlimited.

There is a reason India is a BRIC nation. BRIC is the acronym describing the projected booming economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, and lately it is in India where e-commerce is flourishing. With internet access spreading throughout the country, India e-commerce is starting to thrive and its potential has no ceiling. Retail websites are emerging with increased frequency and Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company, is recording record numbers.

What is Driving India E-Commerce?

The primary reason for the surge in India e-commerce is more and more Indian citizens have access to the internet via mobile phones. According to a recent New York Times article, mobile phone users are getting barraged by e-mail, billboard and text messages with offers and discounts from India e-commerce websites, which has been driving consumers to shop.

The Irony of India E-Commerce

E-Commerce is surging in different countries all over the globe, particularly Brazil, Australia, South Korea and several countries in Europe. India is a country that has its poverty-stricken areas, and most of its citizens neither have bank accounts or credit cards. Many Indian citizens, however, have smartphones from which they shop online, and the preferred payment method is cash on delivery.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India said that India e-commerce is growing by 34 percent each year. Although India e-commerce giants such as Snapdeal and Flipkart are posting better-than-ever sales figures, the IMA said e-commerce makes up only 1 percent of India’s retail sales each year.

Instabill’s Presence in India

Instabill has a long list of Indian e-commerce merchants, most of which operate in the tech support and online pharmaceutical industries. Instabill continues to welcome those industries, but is very open and excited to board other India e-commerce industries such as apparel, website design or telemarketing merchant accounts. Instabill merchant account managers are available by clicking the chat option on top of the page or by phoning 1-800-318-2713.

About the Author

Chris O’Donnell is the Senior Copywriter at Instabill. Chris is a devout Barclays Premiership fan and connoisseur of rock and roll music. He joined the Instabill team as its senior copywriter in December of 2013. He can be reached at 603-436-1270 or at chris@instabill.com.

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