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E-Cigarette Restrictions Rejected by EU

Nov 18, 2013
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The European Union ruled against tighter e-cigarette restrictions. Now is the perfect time to acquire your e-cigarette merchant account from ECS-World

The European Union has rejected legislation that would increase e-cigarette restrictions in Europe. The EU parliament turned down the proposed law, which would have classified e-cigarettes as a medical device. Instead, lawmakers in Europe will continue to focus on keeping the devices out of the hands of minors. Many US experts believe that this debate has set the stage for possible FDA restrictions in America.

Why are E-Cigarettes so Popular?

E-Cigarettes are heavily favored by former cigarette smokers for helping them kick their habit. Since there is only nicotine in e-cigarettes (it is tobacco-free and doesn’t contain harmful additives), many consumers buy the devices to quit smoking. Many experts have corroborated the claim that e-cigarettes are inherently safer than traditional cigarettes, and large-scale research is underway to prove the claim. The devices create a nicotine-infused water vapor that users inhale through a flavored tip. The device is flameless and does not produce bothersome odors or clouds of smoke. Once exhaled, the vapor dissipates in seconds.

E-Cigarette Restrictions Explained

Despite the fact that the devices appear to be harmless, the US Food & Drug Administration and the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency are seeking to place heavy restrictions on e-cigarettes. These restrictions are mainly because of efforts to keep e-cigarettes away from minors. The proposed regulations in the EU would have limited the sale of e-cigarettes to pharmacies only, while traditional cigarettes would still be available for widespread purchase in grocery stores, convenience stores , and other common shopping locations. FDA and MHRA officials claim that the devices are also a safety hazard, as scattered reports of exploding e-cigarettes continue to surface.

Will the FDA Regulate E-Cigarettes in the US?

Opponents of e-cigarettes claim that the devices are glamorizing the image of smoking, counteracting decades of efforts to deglamorize tobacco products. Proponents say that if the world embraces e-cigarettes, centuries of harmful and deadly tobacco use will come to an end. Still, significant research on the safety of e-cigarettes has not taken place, so the FDA is considering e-cigarettes in league with all smoking products and paraphernalia. As of today, the main efforts of the FDA and US government are aimed towards keeping minors away from the devices.

E-Cigarette Industry Continues to Grow

Despite the possibility of future e-cigarette restrictions, the industry is still booming. The recent rejection of e-cigarette restrictions in Europe has allowed continued growth of worldwide sales. Merchants across the globe are popping up at an alarming rate with new nicotine-delivery devices to take advantage of the multi-billion dollar business. With celebrity endorsements, elaborate advertising campaigns, and now big tobacco companies entering the industry, e-cigarettes show no sign of slowing down.

High Risk Merchant Accounts at ECS-World

Because of the unknown future of e-cigarettes, merchants in the industry are considered high risk. However, e-cigarette merchants can take advantage of ECS-World’s high risk merchant accounts to start their online business. High risk merchant accounts are a cost-effective solution for all high risk merchants. In addition, qualifying ECS-World merchants may have access to the following benefits:

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Despite the fact that e-cigarette restrictions may come in the future, the industry is still on the rise. If you need a merchant services solution for your e-cigarette business, look no further. ECS-World’s high risk merchant accounts have high approval rates, and most merchants can begin accepting payments in as little as three to four days. If you are ready to get your e-cigarette business off the ground, you can contact us online and apply now. If you have questions about how to apply or about our high risk merchant accounts, call us toll-free at 1-800-318-2713 to speak with a live representative.

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