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The 5 Countries Where E-Commerce Growth is Surging

Oct 22, 2014
Posted by: Marketing
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China and Russia are two of the five countries where e-commerce growth is soaring while the other three are considered somewhat of a surprise.

Whoever coined the acronym ‘BRIC,’ which refers to the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China, was on to something. Three of the BRIC countries – China, India and Russia – were listed among the countries with the highest e-commerce growth in 2013. China, led by e-commerce giant Alibaba, topped the list with 79 percent sales growth in 2013 while Indonesia was a close second at 71 percent.

Mexico e-commerce grew 42 percent last year while in India, whose consumers shop mainly from their mobile phones, e-commerce increased 35 percent. In Indonesia, a country that has the fourth-largest population worldwide, e-commerce grew 22 percent in 2013 while Russian e-commerce grew 19 percent.

Alibaba Leads Chinese E-Commerce

Anyone perusing the business section of newspapers and online news websites recently has seen the impact Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is having – not just on Chinese consumers, but consumers worldwide. It is estimated China will surpass the US in e-commerce transactions within the next two years.

Why E-Commerce is Growing?

For India, Russia, Mexico and Indonesia, e-commerce growth comes down to two words: Internet usage.

India is unique. Access to the internet has grown dramatically over the last three years, not because many citizens of India have desktops and/or iPads. In fact, many citizens don’t even have bank accounts or credit cards. What they do have, however, are mobile phones. And the preferred payment method? Cash on delivery.

Internet usage has also grown dramatically in Russia, a country where its citizens are hesitant to adapt to online payments for fear of being hacked. Nearly 75 percent of all transactions on Ozon (Russia’s version of Amazon) are paid for with cash on delivery. Moreover, of the 50 million internet users in Russia, only 10 million are online shoppers – a figure that has nowhere to go but up.

Mexico has a population of 120 million. It is estimated that only 46 million citizens get online regularly, which, similar to Russia, illustrates plenty of room for growth.

Indonesia is expecting to add 20 million more internet users by 2015. Online shopping with smartphones is the trend du jour as, ironically, millions of Indonesian commuters shop in their cars while in traffic.

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