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Black Friday E-Commerce Predictions Reveal Surprises

Nov 11, 2014
Posted by: Marketing
Category: General
As the busiest shopping day of the year nears, Black Friday e-commerce is expected to set new records and reveal surprises this holiday season.

Each year, the day after Thanksgiving proves to be a massive day for US retailers. Some consumers' holiday shopping even spills over to international merchants as well. Regardless of where the shopping takes place, it is always an important day for both online and in-store retailers. However, experts believe that this year will bring some slightly different results. So what can you expect to see this year? See some surprising Black Friday e-commerce predictions right here.

Could Black Friday Turn Into Black Thursday?

The tradition of Black Friday has been around for generations, as holiday shoppers flock to their favorite stores after Thanksgiving to buy gifts for loved ones. Since the dawn of e-commerce, Cyber Monday has also become a tradition. However, over the past few years, the nation's major retailers have been edging their store opening hours closer to Thanksgiving night. Since that trend began, online retailers have also been launching their specials earlier as well.

One of the most surprising Black Friday e-commerce predictions is that Cyber Monday might be over as we know it. Fortune reports that the best online deals could come on Thanksgiving rather than the traditional Monday after. This could lead to increased sales for online retailers and maybe even lower sales than usual for in-store retailers. The speculation here is that people will be less likely to head to the store on Thanksgiving night since they can still find deals from home.

Pay Attention to Mobile This Season

Mobile sales are expected to skyrocket to the highest they've ever been this season during the Black Friday shopping period. The same article from Fortune claims that 31% of digital sales made on Thanksgiving will come from a smartphone or tablet, up from 21% last year. This will also contribute to the overall rising number of online sales expected to be made this year.

What Does This Mean for Merchants?

If you're trying to drive some sales this season, pay attention to these Black Friday e-commerce predictions. The larger trend seems to indicate that digital sales will take over one day, but not anytime soon. Consumers will still flock to stores on Black Friday to do the bulk of their shopping.

However, e-commerce has tremendous upside when it comes to holiday shopping. More and more people in the US and around the world are turning online for easier holiday shopping, and your site should be ready to facilitate those purchases each November. Make sure your deals are listed loud and clear so you can make the most of online sales from Thanksgiving night to Cyber Monday.

Also, all e-commerce merchants should optimize for mobile shoppers. The above prediction for mobile shopping should encourage online merchants to make sure they have a good mobile version of their site to accommodate consumers visiting via smartphone or tablet. Make sure you're ready to tap into that 31% of online sales this year.

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