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Examining Instabill’s Merchant Portfolio

Jan 27, 2015
Posted by: Marketing
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The Defending Your Merchant Portfolio Value seminar at the Northeast Acquirer’s Association conference triggered us to consider our ‘stickiness.’
Instabill merchant portfolio

Of the many things to be learned at the Northeast Acquirers Association conference and tradeshow, the seminar entitled ‘Defending Your Merchant Portfolio Value’ was particularly useful. The panel included Jared Isaacman, CEO of Harbortouch POS solutions; Lane Gordon, Managing Partner at Merchant Portfolios; and Jacques Breton, Principal of MJM Associates and current Instabill partner.

Mr. Isaacman, in particular, talked about a theory he called ‘stickiness,’ describing why merchants remain with their credit card processors. The seminar also provided a call to action: How strong is our merchant portfolio?

Examining Our Merchant Portfolio

The seminar was the last one of a busy, tiring day of meetings, stand time and lectures. To our delight, we found it particularly valuable because it triggered us at Instabill to examine our own ‘stickiness:’

Why do our merchants stay with us? Do we offer enough value added resources in our merchant portfolio?

We feel it is a resounding ‘YES!’ and we hope our merchants and partners – more than 10,000 of them – agree. We “bundle” our services. We are easy to contact (we always pick up the phone). We offer internet merchant accounts with affordable rates that enable e-commerce businesses to succeed and thrive.

  • I. First Impressions: We Answer the Phone At the point of initial contact, first impressions are everything. Right away, Instabill merchant account managers will answer the phone and find out your needs. Instabill provides credit card processing for more than 60 e-commerce, MOTO and POS industries. “We can provide for the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper’s website and even the shopkeeper’s MOTO business, so that his consumers can pay by phone,” said Instabill Founder and CEO Jason Field.
  • II. What Are the Rates? It is the question we most often face – we understand. Rates vary on a lot of factors, but we guarantee competitive rates. First, however, we need to find out more about your business:

    Is your industry high or low risk? Are you a startup? Do you have imperfect credit history? How much volume do you process?

    Once we get a feel for your business, we will match you with the best acquiring bank available, and it will set your rate.
  • III. The Power of Internet Merchant Accounts With internet merchant accounts from Instabill, merchants can expose their businesses worldwide and take advantage of fraud protection measures such as 3D Secure, PCI compliance as well as compliance from the card associations (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover).
  • IV. Go Worldwide: International Merchant Accounts If a merchant draws consumers from other countries, Instabill offers international merchant accounts, enabling our merchants to recognize more than 160 currencies. We will take it even further, arranging for our merchants to register in different countries and provide accounting services to sort out taxes.

We’d Love to Discuss Our Merchant Portfolio

At Instabill, we take pride in the offerings that make up our merchant portfolio. Our merchant account managers are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Outside of business hours, we’ll get back to you the next business day – guaranteed. Select the live chat option below of call 1-800-318-2713 to discuss merchant account options.

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