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California Proposes Tobacco and E-Cigarette Legislation

Feb 2, 2015
Posted by: Marketing
Category: General
California has proposed e-cigarette legislation that would classify electronic cigarettes with traditional tobacco products, claiming that they pose the same threat to public health.
California Tobacco E-Cigarette Legislation

In the most recent move against the e-cigarette industry, California has proposed new regulations that would classify electronic cigarettes with traditional tobacco products, claiming that they pose the same threat to public health. The new e-cigarette legislation appear alongside a law that could raise the legal smoking age to 21 throughout the state. Despite the proposed Senate bill, are e-cigarettes really as harmful as traditional ones?

The Argument for E-Cigarette Legislation

Despite being around for quite some time, the e-cigarette industry is just starting to take off. Sales of the product jump year after year, with more new consumers and former smokers picking up the devices. Heralded as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes or cigars, electronic devices have managed to avoid major regulations both on the federal and state levels.

However, some lawmakers in California are suggesting that e-cigarettes aren’t a cure-all for big tobacco’s grip on consumers. Furthermore, opponents of the devices claim that e-cigarettes are still a danger to public health, and that they produce chemicals that could cause cancer or other illnesses. In addition to health concerns, reports find that more minors are picking up the nicotine-vapor devices, prompting many lawmakers to react and call for action. But is legislation really the right answer?

The Argument Against E-Cigarette Legislation

While e-cigarettes may emit potentially hazardous chemicals in some circumstances, the fact remains that the devices are still inherently healthier than traditional tobacco products. Many e-cigarette proponents argue that it is wrong to lump electronic nicotine devices in with tobacco due to this reason. There are some reported cases where switching to e-cigarettes has helped former smokers quit their devastating habit.

Aside from the health concerns, the e-cigarette business is booming. According to The Consumerist, the number of stores selling e-cigarettes in California has quadrupled since 2011, with 7,000 retailers currently in business. And that’s only one state. E-Cigarettes are good for business—both for merchants and consumers. E-Cigarette legislation would only impede the progress and billions of dollars the industry has made.

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If e-cigarette legislation happens to be passed in California, it would have little affect on the global e-cigarette industry. Millions of consumers are still buying the devices, along with the flavored nicotine solutions that are used with them. There are still plenty of opportunities to cash in on the sweeping success.

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