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E-Cigarette Ads Put UK Tobacco Back on TV

Feb 18, 2014
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British American Tobacco, a UK producer of tobacco products, is back on television after 20 years with new e-cigarette ads.

British American Tobacco, a UK producer of tobacco products, is back on television after 20 years with new e-cigarette ads. The company recently made its way into the e-cigarette industry with Vype, their signature device. Many see these new advertisements for e-cigs in the UK as a signal of a shift in popularity from conventional cigarettes to their electronic counterparts.

Why Are Tobacco Ads Back on Television?

Answer: because they aren't really tobacco ads. British American Tobacco is just one of the several major tobacco companies that are recognizing the newest trend—e-cigarettes. These battery-powered devices do not contain any tobacco whatsoever. Instead, a water-based nicotine substance is heated into a vapor and inhaled through a flavored mouthpiece. The devices have grown so popular, that the entire industry doubled its revenue in 2013, and is expected to have an even bigger year in 2014.

Why are E-Cigarettes So Popular?

Many see e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to conventional tobacco products because they do not contain harmful additives found in cigarettes. Preliminary studies have shown that the devices even help some smokers quit the habit altogether. This has lead to a bit of a smoking revolution as of late—many smokers turning into vapers, and picking up e-cigarettes for good. Major tobacco companies such as BAT have noticed this, and began producing e-cigarettes of their own.

Are E-Cigarette Ads OK for Television?

There is not currently a law in the UK that prohibits e-cigarette ads for airing on television. Because of this, e-cigarette producers have launched full-on marketing campaigns—complete with celebrity endorsements—to increase awareness of their products. However, the Advertising Standards Authority plans to meet at the end of February to discuss the nature of e-cigarette ads and their place on television.

Many still have their doubts about e-cigarette ads, claiming they glamorize the act of smoking, and thus derailing decades of anti-smoking campaigns around the world. However, no decision has been made yet.

Are E-Cigarettes Really Safer than Tobacco?

That remains to be seen. Studies are currently underway to properly assess the health factors of the devices, and whether they really help people quit or not. Since the vapor produced by e-cigarettes is odorless and dissipates in seconds, many believe the products are inherently better in terms of public health. Despite of this, major efforts are being taken by e-cigarette opponents to limit the availability of the devices, mainly to keep them out of the hands of minors.

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