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E-Cigarette Reviews Largely Positive

Sep 21, 2015
Posted by: Marketing
Category: General
The long term health effects from e-cigarettes are still unknown, but to traditional cigarette converts on Reddit, e-cigarette reviews were hugely popular.
e-cigarette reviews

The jury is still out about the long term health effects from e-cigarettes – they simply haven’t been in existence long enough to draw concrete conclusions. But after questioning traditional cigarette converts on the social forum Reddit this week, e-cigarette reviews were hugely popular and positive.

Traditional Cigarette Converts Offer Opinions

This is a blog Instabill copywriters have thought about for some time. E-cigarette proponents and opponents are quick to extend their opinions, so we decided to post the following question in an e-cigarette subgroup on Reddit:

Friends: Looking for some responses from folks who have converted from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Are they healthier? Do you have more energy? Do you feel e-cigs are better for you?

The responses – from nine converted tobacco smokers – spoke volumes and were largely positive.

From bpostal: “Haven't had a cigarette in 39 days. I can breathe so much better than I could when I smoked. I may even start working out again (maybe. For New Years.) now that I can go more than 50 feet without getting winded. My sense of smell is now godlike (I can smell when a smoker has recently been in the room). I don't spend the first 5 minutes of every morning slumped over the bathroom sink hacking up flem (sic). Everything tastes more flavorful…as to healthier? I’m no doctor but I feel better so far so I’m calling that a win.”

From Gorilla1969: “Quit over a year ago. My health is definitely much much better. I had some concerning issues with my lungs. That has completely cleared up. I had stopped exercising because of the wheezing, light-headedness, and pain in my chest. All that also gone, working out again and lost 30 lbs.”

From RoadSurfer: “I feel TONS better since I went off the stinkies! I live on a pretty steep hill - in winter steep enough to sled down - since quitting it's gotten easier and easier to get up that hill every morning. I noticed yesterday that I'm not even catching my breath anymore when I get to the top of the hill.”

E-Cigarette Reviews Not Exempt from Concerns

As the e-cigarette reviews were unanimous in their positivity, five of the respondents expressed a degree of concern about the long term effects of vaping; specifically, nicotine ingestion related to blood pressure.

Said kad2371: “I am vaping because I believe, after doing my research, that it is much safer than smoking. That doesn't mean that I think it is 100% harmless. The nicotine itself is potentially harmful, though admittedly only to a very small number of people who already have significant health concerns. And before someone tells me I'm wrong, nicotine even in low doses can lead to increased blood pressure that for most people wouldn't even be noticed, but for people who already have high blood pressure and significant cardiovascular issues could push their BP into dangerous territory.”

Added Obliterayte: “There are studies out there that have shown breathing vapor is as harmless on your lung cells as breathing air. I'm not saying it is harmless, as there are other studies out there that show it causes some inflammation of lung tissue, but I am saying that you can't say it isnt (sic) harmless. It very well could be completely harmless at this point. We just don't know for sure. It is proven that they are healthier than cigarettes by a mountain of a margin. It isnt (sic) even close. The UK is claiming 95% healthier.".

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